Are your Volunteers at Risk?

Volunteers provide a crucial and often under-valued contribution to Australian society, especially in rural communities. However volunteering, particularly with vulnerable groups, can place them and those they volunteer with at a risk.

This professional ethical standards assist volunteer leaders by offering protection against the risks with a framework to effectively assist others. The workshop focuses on current best-practice standards and how they apply volunteering. The workshop will assist you to develop a decision making approach that ensures both yourself and those you assist get the best possible outcomes.

Stawell – 24th August 2017
1:30 – 3pm
Stawell Neighbourhood
Who can attend : Free and Open to anyone who works with volunteers.

Presented By: Gordon Young who holds a Masters of Professional and Applied Ethics from Melb Uni and is a lecturer in Professional Ethics with RMIT Uni. He has worked extensively with volunteer organisations in rural communities and has provided consulting services for a number of Australian agencies.

Phone: 03 5382 5607



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