Tai Chi with Tim

Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art that can be used for gentle exercise to promote good physical health and mental well being.

It originated 1000 years ago with Shaolin Monks who needed to develop techniques to defend themselves from thugs and robbers on the roads of China.

Today there are 4 main styles of Tai chi – Yang, Sun, Wu and Chen.

Tai Chi is the Yin (softness) to the Yang (hardness) of Kung Fu. The techniques are similar but the moves are done more slowly and more gently. It is a circular moving style of self defense.

The paradox in life is that the slower a student can do a movement in practice, the faster it can be done in a real life situation that requires a self defense move. Tai Chi is highly regarded among all martial artists as being an effective form of self defense.

I have been practicing Tai Chi for over 27 years. I have enjoyed the journey and now have a number of forms and styles which I practice most days. I know forms in Yang, Sun, Chen styles and have recently begun learning the form known as Wu 108. Before training in Tai Chi I had trained for 4 years in Karate in 2 different clubs. I have enjoyed the respect and friendship of the different martial arts clubs and also the different Tai Chi groups I have trained with over the years.

In Halls Gap Tai Chi is practiced each Thursday morning at 10am at Budja Budja Aboriginal Cooperative, 20 Grampians Road Halls Gap, ph 5356 4751. The class fee of a gold coin donation goes to the Cooperative.

There are 10 -12 regular students. Last year the class learnt the Beijing 24 form and this year are learning the Yang 108 form. It is a fun, relaxed class with general fitness and health being the goals of the class. Students learn the moves from a self defense perspective.

If anyone would like to join the group please contact Leanne at Budja Budja Neighbourhood House.