WAMA (Wildlife Art Museum of Australia)

Combining art, native botanic gardens, and Australian wildlife, WAMA celebrates the art of nature within uniquely natural surroundings.

At its core is Australia’s National Centre for Environmental Art, an art gallery dedicated to nature-inspired art where esteemed local artists are shown alongside national and international artists of global renown.

The world-class, gallery, provides the foundation for a new cultural precinct that is not simply a new space for art. WAMA is a state-of-the-art gallery, home to native gardens and bushlands, a vibrant cultural learning centre and a sanctuary for native wildlife.

The WAMA experience is centred on embracing and celebrating the connection between art and the natural environment, inspiring and enriching people’s appreciation of nature.

We encourage the community to utilise our multi-purpose room, available for community events, workshops and meetings, within an indoor and outdoor setting.

WAMA will be open to the public in early 2025.