Halls Gap Residents now have access to either Fixed-wireless NBN or Sky Muster NBN.

Both Fixed-wireless & Sky Muster NBN plans generally offer download speeds of up to 25Mbps, and upload speeds of up to 5 Mbps. (This may change over time.)

Fixed-wireless is accessible for those residents within the valley who are within the range of the telecommunications towers near the sports oval, and for those residents outside the valley within the range of the tower close to the intersection of Grampians Road and the Ararat-Halls Gap Road. There is also a fixed-wireless tower in Pomonal that can reach along the Halls Gap-Ararat Road.

Sky Muster is an option for those residents outside fixed-wireless range e.g. around some parts of Fyans Creek.

How do I connect to NBN?

When connecting to NBN, you must find a Internet Service Provider (ISP). NBN are only responsible for the infrastructure, they’re not a service provider.

Once you apply to an ISP to connect to the NBN, they will organise NBN to install the required infrastructure at your property.

Click here to enter your address and find an Internet Service Provider (ISP.)

What will be installed at my property?

Fixed-wireless NBN antenna

Satellite Sky Muster NBN


Some residents are experiencing issues with being connected to the NBN due to trees weakening signal strength.

If you’re experiencing any issues, please log them on the Halls Gap Community Facebook group under this thread. Complaints will be submitted to the local Federal MP.

NBN Alternative

A popular alternative to NBN in and around Halls Gap is Starlink.

The speeds of Starlink are up to 10 times faster than fixed wireless NBN.

Starlink uses satellites, however is far more reliable and faster than NBNs satellites.