The Leukaemia Foundation’s ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ raises funds annually to assist in research of various blood cancers. Our local ’The Flashing Lights’ team comprising PARKS Vic and Pomonal identities are shaving it all off on Friday the 16th of March.

The ’Flashing Lights’ team members comprising of Dave Roberts, Kyle Hewitt and Graeme ’Shonky’ Scherger will bare all on Friday March the 16th at 4.00pm in front of Livefast Cafe in Halls Gap.

The Pomonal component Dave Handscombe, Alison Bainbridge and Peter Greenberger, will shed their locks in the outside courtyard at Barney’s Bar and
Bistro at 7.00pm.

Come along to either or both events and see what they are hiding underneath!

The six members are keen for sponsorship. You can sponsor them now by going online to ’The World’s Greatest Shave’. Click on ’Sponsor’ and then sponsor
a team ’The Flashing Lights’ or an individual or drop some money in the boxes around town.

Council staff will be in Halls Gap on Thursday January 18 from 2 till 5 for you to bring your ideas. You can read some of their thinking on the NGS website (you can follow the link from here), but it’s a bit tricky to find. Home / Your Council/ Documents Available for Public Inspection / Council Publications.

Dear Halls Gap CFA team, SES team, Max the Policeman, Stawell Ambulance and Bendigo Air Ambulance,

I am writing to thank everyone for their marvellous support and rescue operation for my husband Craig Whitehead at Fish Falls on 22/12/17.
It was such a relief to be in receipt of such a wonderful team of people at the scene of this traumatic accident. Being so isolated and in need of help was indeed alarming, and I cannot tell you how comforted we were to have such a skilful team of rescuers arrive to assist us.
We feel so grateful to live in Australia, and to have been fortunate to have dedicated people working around the clock to assist in such emergencies. We feel indebted to the volunteers with the CFA and the SES who interrupted their lives to save ours. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! A special thank you to Graeme with the SES whose 70th birthday was on that day. The Ambulance team were incredibly professional and life saving to our family- we are so grateful.
Anthea, Finlay and I truly  appreciated the care, conversation and escort provided by everyone following Craig’s airlift to the Royal Melbourne Hospital. We were pleased to gain mobile phone reception once back in Halls Gap. How lucky we have also been to learn that Craig is expected to make a full recovery following his head injury, and no other physical injury was diagnosed. Craig was discharged on Christmas Eve, and was able to enjoy his Christmas Day with family. WOW- how bloody lucky!!
With Craig cleared to return to work tomorrow, we continue to process the enormity of this recent event. Cannot help but feel humbled, lucky, grateful and proud to be Australian living in this country.
It is with great appreciation to everyone who assisted the Whitehead family on 22 December 2017, thank you so very much.
May you enjoy a safe, quiet and peaceful 2018.

Melissa Whitehead

At this year’s wildflower show we had 103 species on show. That’s up from 82 last year.  Every one of them is a Grampians native.

A couple of days before each show, volunteers go out picking flowers all over the region. We have a permit to do this and have to go to specific areas. Then other volunteers arrange the flowers into vases and group them according to the type of flower. It’s a lot of fun. Let Margo Sietsma know if you’d like to be involved.

Wimmera Catchment Management Authority has launched a new interactive flood mapping tool for the Halls Gap community. The tool has been released as part of a review of flood mapping for the area. The mapping tool allows community members to zoom into their home and see if the flood mapping created matches what happened in their experience during January 2011 flood.

You can provide specific comments within the map to describe any differences.

The link to the Halls Gap map is:…

Check out if your property is safe from flooding.

We’ve changed the date of the show to coincide with the AFL grand final weekend when there are lots of people around in Halls Gap. So pencil that into your diaries as we’d like to see lots of locals attending as well. We’re also reverting back to its old name instead of Wildflower Walkabout. We’re always looking for new volunteers!

Planning will start in February and we’d really appreciate your ideas on what we could do to improve the show and how we publicise it. Send your ideas to the admin team of this website.

Did you know Halls Gap is now affiliated with the Dunkeld Community Bank? For every community member that makes the switch to the Dunkeld Branch, the town receives part of the profits to put back into the Community!

The Grampians Swimming Club recently received funds to help grow their club…
What local initiative will be next?

If you, or anyone you know is keen to help our community grow then contact the Dunkeld Branch Manager to learn how to make the switch.


The Northern Grampians Shire Council are currently looking at demand to quantify the need for childcare services in Halls Gap.

Halls Gap recently has seen an influx of younger families which has seen increased enrolments at the Halls Gap Primary School.

The closest childcare options at present are in Stawell and Ararat.

Obviously there is a number of steps that need to occur, none more important than quantifying the demand. Once that occurs we will support the Halls Gap community to establish the service within the area. It’s great to see a community being proactive and we are keen to assist where possible. Michael Bailey, CEO – Northern Grampians Shire

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