Halls Gap Resilience Group

The Halls Gap Resilience Group (HGRG) was a subcommittee of the Community Association of Halls Gap Inc. It was a forum for agencies and community representatives to develop strategies and frameworks to support the resilience of the Halls Gap community.

The HGRG ceased meeting in May 2023. During the time it operated it developed the publications below, some of which continue to be periodically updated.

HGRG Publications


  1. Submission to the MEMPC on Community Based Emergency Management
  2. Submission to the MEMPC on Halls Gap Safety Factsheets

Analyses of Halls Gap Safety Issues

  1. Halls Gap Threat & Risk Assessment
  2. Review of Emergency Management Plans
  3. Status of Action Items from Review of EM Plans – May 2023
  4. Pros and Cons of Sirens
  5. Pros and Cons of Backup Power
  6. 2022 Halls Gap Fire Plug Audit
  7. 2023 Halls Gap Fire Plug Audit

Draft Emergency Management Plans

  1. Dam Break Evacuation Plan
  2. Extreme Heat Plan

Safety Factsheets and Guides

  1. Lake Bellfield Dam Safety Factsheet
  2. Survive the Heat in Halls Gap
  3. Survive Terrorism in Halls Gap